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Hi, I am glad you found your way to my website...


... and I hope you will feel inspired by what you discover here.

My name is Rachel Visconti and I am a professional counsellor and psychological astrologer. I offer personal consultations in combination with  ongoing counselling and coaching work. So if you are feeling stuck or ask yourself why certain things keep happening to you, reach out to me and I will support you on your journey to identifying your patterns and setting new directions in motion. I am committed to finding the best possible solutions with you. Read more about this here.  

With the beginning of this new decade - some might even say new epoch - it is my belief that astrology will start to re-emerge from the dubious realms of pop entertainment that we have known over the last century or so. More and more people recognise its true value and potential for personal development, and they understand that an individual birth chart is so much more than just your sun sign.

Know Thyself!

From the ancient Greeks and from modern psychology we learn that self-knowledge is a way to better understand ourselves, the world around us and the universe. But what do we mean by "self-knowledge"? We don't mean an anxious navel gazing but rather a sound understanding of the basic structures that we human beings are made of. For example, to learn that there is an important difference between character and temperament. To learn that there are predispositions deposited in our cradle, that are innate (i.e. our temperament), and that others tendencies were cultivated over time and by outer influences (i.e. our character). 

Learning that we need to accept the parts of our temperament and understanding that we can alter and adjust the parts of our character leads to great inner freedom.

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