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How to book a consultation

Just get in touch with me via the contact page so we can arrange a FREE preliminary chat of about half an hour to determine how  I may be able to assist you. This will also be the time to provide me with your birthdata: date, exact time and place of birth. 

Die Analyse der Zahlen

Please note that I do not offer concrete predictions!

The stars incline, they do not determine... 

I work in English, German or French.  

Consultations generally take place on skype or Zoom.



Exploratory journey around your birth-chart: CHF 150

This is suitable if you are relatively new to astrology and would like to understand your own birth-chart and your innate dynamics. 

Trio package: Initial Journey & two Follow-ups: CHF 280 

This package is suitable if you want to learn about your birth-chart and start identifying the challenging dynamics more deeply. 

Six pack: Initial journey & five follow-ups: CHF 500         

Package of great value! I offer support during a transformative journey that will take you from A to B by working specifically on unhelpful dynamics.

Payment via Paypal , Bank transfer, or Twint 

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