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what to expect from an astrological consultation with me

Navigieren in Woods

When the times are a-changin' and you feel confused, befuddled or unsure of your next steps, astrology can offer valuable insights and provides a useful compass during a process of personal development, re-orientation, and decision-making. Or, a chart reading can be simply a good way to better understand your typology and your predispositions. An astrological consultation is an invitation to enter the conversation - the dialogue between the above and the below - where I will serve as your "celestial tour guide" and interpreter after studying your chart beforehand. 

Therefore the aim of a consultation is to establish a direct link between your personal experience and your birth chart; to relate the inner to the outer, to let the chart come alive and speak to you more directly. In a consultation with me you can expect a mindful and relevant treatment of the subject without unnecessary trimmings. 

Certainly, the first useful step is to gain more knowledge about yourself, but often this does not equip you with the necessary tools to bring about the desired change. Therefore,

I offer packages of three or six sessions, combining the astrological knowledge with counselling  and/or coaching techniques to help you achieve your desired goal. 

All consultations are strictly confidential and as a professional practitioner I abide by the code of ethics of the Organisation of Professional Astrologers.  

A few words about me

Born in 1966 near the mighty waters of the Rhine in Switzerland, my journey took me to various countries over the years. In France and Canada I lived in intentional communities learning a vast amount of philosophical and psychological wisdom whilst also working in my first profession of horticulture.


Moving to England in 2002 I began studying astrology formally (studies that have fascinated me since my mid-teens), and in 2005 I gained the Diploma from the prestigious Centre of Psychological Astrology in London, after first obtaining certificates from the London School of Astrology and the Faculty for Astrological Studies. 


In tandem with my astrological studies I started training in counselling and in 2009 obtained a Masters degree with the Society for Psychology and Healing in London. 

In 2012 I returned to live in Switzerland.

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